Grand Prospect Hall Hosts 316 Fillmore Colleagues

Real Life
November, 2004

On Wednesday, October 20th, Fillmore held its annual Pep Rally at the beautiful Grand Prospect Hall, and saw a record 316 Fillmore agents and managers attend.

“I was extremely satisfied with the turnout,” said President John Reinhardt. “We have had successful Pep Rallies in the past, but never one with such an amazing and powerful turnout. I commend each and every person who came.”

In addition to having a good time, attendance at the Fillmore Pep Rally qualified as Ethics Training for 2005, which is mandatory for all Fillmore agents and managers.

The Fillmore Booth, which was featured at the RIS Media Show in the Roosevelt Hotel and at the Learning Annex Expo at the Javits Center was on display for all to see, and all in attendance were invited to take some of Fillmore’s new marketing materials to assist them on presentations.

Those in attendance were treated to coffee and pastries and were greeted by many of our Home Services vendors, including Galil Moving, Real View Virtual Tours, and National Property Inspectors, who raffled off some great prizes for our agents, including a color television set.

The guest speaker of the evening was Esther Muller, who runs the Real Estate Division of the Academy for Continuing Education. A native Brooklynite, Esther was very excited to speak to the Fillmore family and was very proud to tell everyone of her Brooklyn roots. “I am so proud to be from Brooklyn,” she said to the enthusiastic crowd. “Brooklyn is hot right now, and I am so excited that everybody now knows what we always knew, that Brooklyn is and always has been the best place to live and work.”

After her rousing speech, President John Reinhardt took the microphone and introduced his mother and father, some key members of his team in the Office of the President, and then brought each of the 29 managers and assistant managers to the stage to introduce themselves to the crowd. As each manager said who they were and what office they were in charge of, sections of the crowd would erupt in applause to cheer on their respective manager.

When the Pep Rally came to a close, many of the Fillmore managers and agents headed to the Grand Prospect Hall’s historic Oak Room to watch the New York Yankees battle the Boston Red Sox for the 2004 American League Championship. In a wonderful display of camaraderie, the room was full of Fillmore family members enjoying dinner, drinks and conversation.

After the Pep Rally, many in attendance went home with a renewed sense of excitement for our company and a focused drive for success. Using the new Fillmore way, our company is sure to continue to break records, achieve positive results for our clients, and bring us even closer as one, big, happy Fillmore family.