Co-op and Condo Conversions

with Esther Muller Consultants

An organization devoted to the complete marketing of residential real estate.

Specialists in the “on-site” selling of co-operative and condominium apartments.

The professionals that are expert in real estate conversions… converting your building into a profitable co-operative or condominium.

The people that will maximize your return on investment.

Esther Muller Consulting serves as consultants to real estate owners, developers, banks, architects, brokers and others involved in co-op and condominium conversions.

Our overall areas of expertise include:


Esther Muller meets with each prospective client and systematically reviews all potential stages of the anticipated conversion. Each area of our expertise and your conversion requirements are carefully analyzed. Once a client, you are given a total overall evaluation of the proposed conversion. Then each phase is carefully reviewed with you prior to implementation.


We develop a composite profile of the tenants in each building which is planned for conversion and implement a plan that anticipates tenant psychological reaction to the conversion announcement.

Constant communications are maintained between tenant associations, attorneys and the building owner’s representative. Esther Muller Consulting ensures an “informed, non-antagonistic” atmosphere. Tenants are made aware of present co-op and condominium vs. rental real estate market conditions and the value of the planned conversion offering. This serves as a tremendous inducement to purchase.


The schedules within a prospectus are developed for each building, allowing for market conditions, and integrated into the marketing and sales campaigns, all designed for the maximum return on investment.

Offers differ depending on the type of plan developed for a building. Esther Muller Consulting will develop the plan required for a successful conversion, be it eviction or non-eviction.


Every property has a personality. Therefore, a personality profile of your building is provided. Once developed, the positive aspects of the profile are points of emphasis in the marketing and sales plan such as:

  • The positive structural attributes of the building including apartment design, overall building appearance and common areas
  • The neighborhood… people, places, points of interests, value, shopping, etc.
  • The property profile serves as a continual selling tool.


The market research provided by Esther Muller Consulting constantly monitors the overall residential real estate market. It further:

  • Evaluates demographic and socioeconomic consumer patterns
  • Analyzes market conditions affecting property availability
  • Interprets supply and demand effects on real estate
  • Predicts short and long term political, economic and psychological impacts on the market
  • All the above data is factored into the marketing plan developed for each particular real estate property.


Esther Muller Consulting conceives, develops, implements and administers the complete marketing of each property.

Input from tenant and property profiles, market research, historical sales data, and related property marketing successes are assimilated into a sophisticated campaign.

A highly regarded group of experts generate branding through the lifestyle of the building and develop integrated advertising, marketing with art, promotion and research direction. Further, the group provides integral support for all the selling teams and the other aspects of the total marketing program.


Esther Muller Consulting will develop and implement multi-media advertising campaigns as required to reach a specific consumer or business demographic segment.

Pre-tested social media is conducted in a dignified manner to create public awareness and motivate potential customers.

Publicity and public relations will also be employed to create a synergistic communications program.


As a segment of the marketing function, Esther Muller Consulting is responsible for conceiving and implementing promotions that will create awareness, attract potential customers, and assist selling teams in maintaining prospective customer interest until contracts are signed.

Launch parties, press and broker previews, invitation only open houses, and experiences such as an art gallery-themed event, are custom-created for each property. Brochures, incentive mailings, special financial incentives and synergistic promotional offers such as interior design consulting, maid or chauffeuring services, are all specially designed for your requirements.


A highly experienced group of professionals is specially selected for the “On-site” selling of your property. “On-site” selling teams become completely familiar with the property you are offering. They are salespeople trained in “one-on-one” selling including psychological evaluation of customer needs.

In addition to your experienced on-site sales team, a special support selling group is available to handle special selling situations.

A “customer/property” cross-file and selection system is part of the totally integrated selling organization, with one central control office, to insure maximum exposure of every real estate property.


Expert advice and assistance is offered to our clients in arranging the most sophisticated and comprehensive financing for conversion purposes.

Advising and/or arranging financing for prospective buyers through end-loans or sponsor financing is also possible in many cases. The integration of these financial arrangements into the Esther Muller Consulting marketing plan is standard procedure.


Esther Muller Consulting is dedicated to provide you with the maximum return on your investment.

We are a unique organization of highly experienced real estate professionals combined with marketing experts from some of America’s Fortune 500 companies.

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